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Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy European Day of Languages 2012: a video.

       Dear students who took part to the project Happy European Day of Languages 2012,
 here is a video reporting each phase of the project, all the posters you've created and a short "thank you" video realized by the students of Lugnano in behalf of all you saying thank you in the different languages of the project. The pronunciation is not perfect because we don't know all the languages!

The students were really happy to get a lot of posters from all the countries involved  and enthusiastic of taking part to this project. Together with my colleague we involved 5 groups of students and we managed to create 5 posters, one in each classroom. All of them had the chance to see where each country is on the map and at the same time realize how big but how close all the countries are. We could see many different languages but also a lot of similar words. We really are a big community and we are happy of being part of it! 

So we do love Europe for this. 

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