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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Piediluco Lake and Marmore Waterfalls

 Today we went to Piediluco (where we visited both the lake and the village) and Marmore Waterfalls. The beauty of the nature in these places is really astonishing and we can understand why a lot of poets and artists used to stop here during their "grand tour". In front of the Waterfalls we can see a monument to Lord Byron (a very famous English poet) who, having stopped here, wrote some verses on this waterfall: 

“The crash of waters! From its rocky heights the Velino ventures through the water flushed precipes. Waterfalls! As fast as light, the shimmering mass of water foams, shaking the abyss. Hell of waters! There where they cry out and hiss and bubble in their eternal torture; while the sweat of their immense agony sqeezed by their Flagetonte, embraces the black rocks that surround the abyss, spread with tremendous horror..” 
George Byron 
“Childe Harolds Pilgrimage”

When we visited the lake we went on a boat trip and in the middle of it we made an experiment: we shouted the words "ciao" and "hola" and we heard the "echo"! 

Piediluco lake

In this picture Eva Maria is telling that according to the legend, the nymph Nera had fallen in love with a shepherd, Velino, but Juno as a punishment for that love story, transformed her into a river, the Nera. Velino, anguished, threw himself down from the Marmore cliff in order to be united with his beloved: that mortal jump would continue for eternity: what a love story!  

Marmore Waterfalls

All together in front of the waterfalls

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