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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

6 topics game

Some weeks ago we had this game with 3rd year students to review some topics that are useful both for the Trinity GESE 3 exam and for the end of year exam.

Before starting the game arrange the chairs in pairs facing each other.

1. Write 6 topics on 6  pieces of paper, then stick them on the board. You can write the topics directly on the board too.
The topics chosen for the game were: school, daily routine, home life and family, weather-times-dates, jobs and free time

2. Play some music and  have the students move and dance around the class.

3. When the music stops the students have to sit down facing and greeting each other.

4. The teacher rolls the dice and the students start asking questions according the topic in the number.
5. The teacher plays some music again and the students say "goodbye" and stand up.

In the following file you can read the questions you asked. Try to ask and answer these questions aloud: it's a good exercise for the Trinity GESE 3 exam.

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