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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Speaking and ... filming!

3rd year students did a speaking activity to practice conversation so to start reviewing for Trinity GESE exams.
What they did was to take turns in pretending to be the examiner and the candidate. So they asked and answered some questions.
I took the questions from an activity proposed in an online moodle journey offered by the support group of Trinity College Italy.

The questions we started with were very easy ones:
What's your name?
Where do you come from?
Have you got brothers and sisters?
What is your brother/sister's name?
How old is he/she?
Have you got pets?
Tell me about your dog/cat/rabbit ....
What do you have for breakfast?

When they finished the activity I asked them to do it again so to film the conversations with my "wonderful" camera.
They agreed and later we watched some of the videos and analyzed them.

I hope this kind of activities will help my students to improve their speaking skills and their fluency.

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