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Friday, February 3, 2012

Awarding European activities.

Last September our school received this certificate that is a Comenius week label. We got it because, as we are involved in a Comenius project, we took part in the activities the eTwinning website organized in May 2011.

To read more about it click here

Some days ago our Spanish partners received a plate to put in their school to say they are part of a Comenius project.

To read this post better clik here.

The experience of the Comenius Project we are still having with our Spanish friends it is really important for all of us because it gives us the chance to know each other better, to know more on different cultures  and to communicate through a common language, that in this case, is English.
I think we are all very happy to have got these awards because this testifies our ideas and our work have been appreciated by the institutions that support us both with money and with training.

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