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Friday, June 3, 2016

A great workshop and interview with Pigi Sbaraglia

Last 14th May students of class II Bs of the school "B. Brin" (Stroncone - TR) had the chance to have a lecture and a workshop with Pigi Sbaraglia writer of "Le avventure del Vecchietto con la 600".

These activities were part of the etwinning project "The Old Man with his FIAT 600 in Europe" that saw the class involved all the school year together with students for Norway, France, Finland and Portugal.

First of all the writer talked about writing a comic story and explained the children all the most important aspects they should include in a tale.

Then students were split in groups and started preparing a mindmap for a story.

When they finished they interviewed the writer asking questions they thought of and also questions European students had sent.

Here are two videos with all the questions and answers.

Part 1

Part 2

After the interview the students read their stories to the writer and he chose the best two: "San Vecchietto" and "The Old Man in Space". 

At the end of the meeting we gave Pigi Sbaraglia a present: the book with all the Old Man stories and a pen to write more stories! 

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