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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Interactive European Pathway

Students of class I Bs have been recently involved in the eTwinning project "Interactive European Pathway" with a lot of other students from around 28 EU countries.

The main aims of the projects are:

- to create a poster and a video about their homeland;
to know more about EU countries;
- to improve written and communication skills in English;
- to improve digital skills;
- to develop cultural awareness. 

All the partner schools prepared a poster with the most important facts about their country and a video that we printed and displayed at schools. 

In the posters there are QR codes so that both children and visitors can scan them and watch the videos using a smartphone or a tablet. 

Here are all the posters: have a go! 

Last Monday Italian students used their device to scan the QR codes and to watch the videos: what a fun! 


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