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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pics from the teenagers' world: an e-calendar

The last weeks of school Italian and Finnish students carried out the last activities of the eTwinning project "Pics from the teenagers' world" and created an e-calendar choosing some pics from the ones they had described and shared in the previous activities. They also printed it and hung it in class so that it will be used next school year.

Here is the e-calendar

Students chose these photos among the ones they took and described during the school year as you can see here in these thinglinks

or in these padlets

Students and teachers also gave their opinion on the project and evaluated it using an app called answergarden that allows to write a word on the project.

Some days before the end of the lessons they also got the letters from Finnish students and they exchanged their personal address so to keep on writing even during the summer and I really hope they can make friends and go on being touch with them! 

The last day of school students told everything about this project to their parents using a powerpoint presentation and their voices! 

This project was really a great one and all the students were involved and liked to take part in it, at the same time they improved their English and their ICT skills and competences. 

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