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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alastair and Helen: special guests in Giove

This morning 3rd year students of the school in Giove had very special guests in class, in fact Alastair and Helen came to talk with all of them. They are now our British friends and since last year help our students to improve their English speaking skills for free.

When they arrived they immediately introduced themselves and the students started to ask questions to get to know the two of them better.

Some of the questions were:

What Italian city do you like most?
What do you like most in Italy?
What is your favourite food?
Where were you born?
Who is your favuorite poet?
Which school did you go to?
What languages can you speak?
Where did you like in England?

The questions allowed the students to know more about our two guests. We talked about poetry, history, art, languages, food and much more.

Next meeting will be in February!

A big

to Alastair and Helen for their extraordinary, incomparable presence among us.

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