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Friday, January 16, 2015

A special guest in Lugnano: our friend Dawn!

This morning students of the school in Lugnano had very special guest in class, in fact Dawn came to talk with all of them. She is our American friend and since last year help our students to improve their English speaking skills for free.

When she arrived she was immediately welcomed by some students and then we started the activity asking her questions on her life. 

The students were all very curious, willing to talk with Dawn and all of them asked a lot of questions such as:

Where were you born?
Do you like school?
Have you ever flown a plane?
Why did you decide to live in Italy?
What do you like most about Lugnano?
What's your favourite book, film, actor ...?
What do you do in your free time?
Do you like cooking?
Have you got pets?
What did you study at university?
What was your job?
Where did you work?
Where did you live before coming here?
... and many others! 

Dawn also brought a pleasant surprise for all of us: gingerbread cookies with a delicious icing 

 and we loved them! 

We were very happy and glad because she came to spend some of her time in our school, her presence among us is really  extraordinary and invaluable and for this reason we want to say a huge and sparkling

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