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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fairy Tales

Students of class I-II of Guardea are involved in an eTwinning project called "Fairy Tales" together with students from Turkey, United Kingdom and Slovakia.

The main objectives of this project are:
- to develop students understanding of what makes good characters in stories;
- to share fairytales with different schools;
- to have the students write their own fairy tales:
- to share the fairy tales written by the students in TwinSpace to know each culture better. 

First of all we analyzed the features of fairy tales and we created this map:

After that the students wrote and illustrated their tales in groups and in pairs, created three posters to display the stories in their classroom and an ebook to share in TwinSpace.

Here is an album with the photos that report the activities the students do during the project. 

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The ebook with all the tales. 

After having done all this on of the students made a cartoon out of his fairy tale and we all enjoyed watching it a lot.

We all really loved this project and the students worked a lot having fun and, at the same time, learning new things and underlining their abilities.

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