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Friday, June 8, 2012

End of Year celebration in Lugnano

This morning, in Lugnano, we celebrated the end of the school year and in this event the mayor announced the winner of the tale competition (Concorso per il miglior racconto) "Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle" that was an activity we carried out within the Comenius project.

The winner is Tommaso with his tale "Alberto and Selene in the kingdom of Lugnano"

Then Sofia gave the mayor the book with all the winning tales both from this year and last year.

After that we announced the winners of the photo competition who are: Filippo, Ilaria and Giorgia and gave them the prizes too!

After the all these prizes we also delivered the Trinity certificates (the drafts) to all the students who took the exam and passed with very good marks!

Before going home the parents had the chance to see all the posters we realized during the school year showing all the projects we carried out in English such as eTwinning projects, Comenius project, photo competition. 


  1. Prof, You're a beautiful women and ORGANIZED WOMEN, Ahahahaha :) Grazie, di tutto professoressa le voglio bene:) sofia(lugnano) :)

  2. Dear Sofia, thank you. I loved teaching you this year and I hope you'll be always a very nice and good student. See you soon.

    1. Thank's the class love you! :) <3 See you soon. sofia.