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Monday, May 21, 2012

Penfriend Project 2011-2012

The school is year is almost at an end so we want to thank you all the students of IES Vega del Guadalete in La Barca de la Florida - Spain and to their teacher Rocio Facio Romero, to have had this great adventure this year. 
3rd year students of classes III A and III B have been writing letters to their Spanish partners having the chance of improving their writing skills but most important, having the opportunity of making new friends and of knowing a new culture. They enjoyed this project very much and, even though they weren't used to write using a pen and papers anymore, they were involved and very interested in the activity. As soon as I sent each envelope with all the letters they started asking me "teacher, when are we going to get our reply?" so they realized that an ordinary letter in not an email or a text message, nor a facebook comment and it takes time! But waiting a bit of time to get a  letter from a new friends is really worthy and their smiles when I delivered the mail is something that made me think that, having them doing this activity was a right thing to do! 
So ... we want to say a 

to our Spanish penfriends!

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