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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Let's play EU 60: final activities.

Students of class II G of the school "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" in Terni have been working with peers from Spain and French all the year round.
The last activities they took part in were about the EU Institutions and Videos on EU countries.

EU Institutions
During this activity students worked in mixed nationality groups to search info, write texts and create a poster on the following EU Institutions: the European Parliament, the Commission, the European Council.
Here is an e booklet created with their collaborative work.

Videos on EU Countries
Students searched for some info on some EU countries and created videos at school.

In the meantime we presented the boardgames in the AEDE 2017 competition in Terni and we won the first and the second prize: great job!

From "Corriere dell'Umbria" 18 June 2017

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