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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let's play EU 60 games

Students from class II G of "L. Da Vinci - O. Nucula" school in Terni prepared a series of online games using the learning apps for their Spanish and French partners of the etwinning project called "Let's play EU 60".

First they read some info on the history of the European Union in class,

then they carried out a webquest to answer to some questions using their personal devices (which was possible due to BYOD guidelines)

and, after having found a lot of info they thought of some games and created them using the Learning Apps http://learningapps.org/

During this activity the students involved got to know the history of the European Union better, improved their English, used their creativity and had fun both creating the games and playing them.

Here is a thinglink with all the games created so far.

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