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Monday, December 5, 2016

Music and charities: eTwinning project for students of class III H

"Music and charities" is the title of the eTwinning project students of class III H are involved this school year.

The main aims of the project are:

- to improve their skills in English as a second language;
- to improve their skills in statistics in Maths;
- to be aware of the notion of citizenship;

- to improve their skills in working in teams (national and transnational teams) and collaborating via internet;
- to  improve their digital skills in order to become digital citizens;
- to make them aware of the different cultures and be tolerant;
- to to get involved into charities and make them European citizens.

Our partner is a French school and students will work in mixed nationality teams.

Here is a map of our project.

Both French and Italian students have started to introduce themselves and to present their schools.

Italian students created this presentation of their school using google slides for the first time: they worked in teams and added their descriptions, photos and video in the presentation. They also created the questions for their French partners to be answered.

1. What subjects do we study?
2. What can you find in the science lab?
3. How many students are there in our class?
4. Do we use the computer room?
5. What do we do in the Great Hall?
6. Are we involved in some charity porjects?
7. What instruments can you find in the music room?
8. What sports do we do in the gym?
9. How many classes are there in our school?

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