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Friday, February 13, 2015

Lessons with peculiar teachers!

Last and this week I could attended very special lessons in my classes! In fact some of the students became teachers and I enjoyed being a student!

Students from III A started last week with a lesson on the song "Shake it off" by Taylor Swift.

In fact Marta C., Caterina, Sara and Aurora prepared some exercises for all students who followed their instructions. First we watched the video and listened to the song without having the lyrics in front of us.

Then we were shown an exercise on the IWB and we had to fill in the blanks while listening to the song again.

After that the "teachers" asked some questions about the song and we answered to them orally.

This week I relaxed a lot because I had three lessons by my students!

The girls of class III G made a lesson on the song "Thinking out loud" by Ed Sheeran

First we listened to the song and watched the video without having the words of the song and while listening the students of both classes III G and I G carried out an activity I prepared for them: take the words they heard while listening.

The "teachers" Giorgia, Chiara, Aurora and Francesca gave us photocopy with a fill in the blanks exercises to do while listening to the song again an the they corrected it.

At the end of the lesson they also gave us homework!

In class III D Emily prepared a presentation on Walt Disney after having read a book on him.
She told us a bit of life and career,

she showed us one of first cartoons he invented

so we could learn about Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck,
we talked about Disneyland and the other Disney movies such as Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and so on.

The students were really very interested and asked a lot of questions, we made connections with History, Geography and Literature referring to the I and II World War, the 1929 economic crisis, the U.S.A., Charles Dickens and much more.

Yesterday in class II A Natalia told us about a story she read of the Famous Five series written by the English writer Enid Blyton. Even though I was among the students I helped all of them understand it as much as possible reformulating some sentences and translating some words.

Here is the first part of the story audiobook.

It was really a great experience having my students turned into teachers both for me and for the other students. I think this motivated the ones who prepared the lessons and their mates to do the same in some days time.
I was proud of all of them and happy of the "adventure" and work we did together so far.


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