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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Creating a quiz using quizity

To the students of class III A, here a quiz I created with quizity.

The quiz is now loading from Quizity.com, the website to create a quiz, please wait...

What you have to do is to crete several questions, add 3 tags, and a photo as a logo. Than publish and share it on edmodo.

Here are the groups:

1. Roberto, Michele, Tommaso
2. Caterina, Francesco, Cristian (it is the quiz I created)
3. Serena, Arianna, Marta C.
4. Marika, Angelica, Giulia
5. Sara, Virginia, Aurora
6. Gabriele, Marco, Simone F., Matilde

Next Thursday I will give you the questions back so that you can create your quiz.


  1. I'm very happy to see my quiz xD BYE Francesco

  2. Teacher i made the quiz and i wrong only one answer about Caterina's eyes Francesco